FOAF Presence, Bluetooth, and getting the girl.

Richard Herring recently had an experience which FOAF Bluetooth presence detection would have solved outright. He was sitting at a cafe, thinking of Poo and looking at a pretty girl convinced that he knew her, but not actually making a move. Later he discovered that he did know her, but had missed his opportunity.

If his phone had FOAF Mobile ability to recognise the other persons phone as someone he knew, by the power of bluetooth and foaf, he’d now be sitting with the pretty girl taking things to another (not necessarily, but probably sexual) level instead of sitting alone and Talking Cock.

Another interesting thing about talking cock, is that amazon thinks if you want that book, you also want Natural Penis Enlargement with Enhanced Ejaculation Control”. I’m not totally sure what this says about Richard’s audience, but I’m sure it says something, I’m definately thinking twice about buying, just in case…