The small small place.

You often see stats saying how many millions of people are online, when those of those of us in the know, know that in reality there’s only a few hundred, (#crickettalk reckoned 303, but 1 was a fridge)

A few weeks back I was looking for some Fire Poi’s for a friend of mine on, one of the sites I looked at a lot was Then a couple of days ago whilst looking what was being said about FOAF I came across a request for a FOAF script from Adam Rice and did a quick and dirty hack for him.

Two unrelated things you might think, but no, because there’s only 300 of us doing this stuff, Adam has to also run the Fire Gear site, still he seems to know what he’s doing so it’s probably ok. Now I have to decide if I should try and make some Poi’s with Adam’s instructions, buy some, or just leave J. to only have her fire clubs.