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Energy gels - making your own

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

One of the problems of exercising more, is that you need to eat more, now that’s just a good thing when you’re at home after a hard work out as I can continue my lifetime love affair with the roast potato without worry. However you also need to eat food whilst exercising, and that’s harder. The foods you can eat whilst exercising need to be easy to carry, easy to eat and easy to digest. A great many products are sold to help you do this, from powders you mix with water and carry on your bike, to solid bars, and sweet like looking things only with even more calories. My favourite though is the energy gel, very concentrated, easy to eat.

Energy gels have a problem though, they cost about a pound a time, and I eat 4 an hour or there abouts. Inspired by the stories of Maryka of making her own sports food, I decided to follow suit. Maryka though likes to eat a paste that I’ve heard described as baby food. I’ve written up my first attempts at creating a home made Energy Gel, but I’ll probably continue to blog as I attempt more things.

I’ll probably try to recreate “Clif shot bloks” - small sweet like things with lots of calories, very easy to carry and eat. A gel that contains protein - Hammer say they don’t create these due to problems with shelf life amoung other things, which won’t be a problem for home made.

I’ve also got more interested in all things gel like after reading the excellent collection of hydrocolloid recipes in researching how to make gels.

Read more about making cheap home made energy gels .

A return to running, and my weight loss tips.

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Regular readers will know, I don’t blog much now, but I really should try and change that. Irregular readers, who read random odd pages from the depths of history or people with a very long memory who read my blog a long time ago, will remember I used to blog about running every now and then.

I was pretty pleased with myself with that last one, I ran 20:19 for 3 miles. Shortly after that I pretty much stopped running after a marathon I ran in February the following year (2003).

Eighteen months ago, I was “fat jim” as I was later dubbed, and not surprising I was single. I was over 100kg / 16 stone, but then it changed and I started losing weight, it had a lot to do with being happier. So that’s my first weight loss tip - get happier.

By January 2008, I was down to 87kg, and that’s when I started running again, firstly just as an excuse to get a date with a hot triathlete. After that though it was more to be able to be fit enough to keep up with a hot roadie.

I did okay, when I started back running at the running club in Feb 2008, my handicap time had shot up to 22:41. Of course I had the incentive to train now, simply to keep up. So now a year later I have it down to 18:36, and I only weigh 76kg. So here’s my second weight loss tip get a fit girlfriend.