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The pub worker theft device

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

As a homeless internet developer, I spend a lot of my time in pubs using their wifi and drinking their beer, drinking beer has a side-effect, and not just on my code quality, my bladder fills and I need to partake of the facillities, this means abandoning the laptop on the table of a strange pub in a strange town - the data’s safe, that’s encrypted - not for me the embarrassment of losing a laptop chock full of an unsecured source tree, but the machine is worth a fair bit, and it’d be bloody annoying too.

So I was thinking - T60’s and indeed all decent laptops already have an accellerometer in it, why isn’t there a program which starts shrieking “Help, Help, he’s stealing me” at full volume. Probably be really crap, but it should at least exist - people?

Of course if you do see a strange bloke sitting in a corner drinking alone yet talking to himself and imaginary people on IRC, go buy him a drink - it might be me.