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Travelling and SVG Developers…

Friday, March 31st, 2006

After my trip away, I’m now back in the UK, still homeless and wandering around all the time, London to Southwest England is back to being a weekly activity - if only Exeter airport had some sensible flights to places, it might things a bit easier - I think I need to find a place to live - anyone know any cheap places near an airport with good cheap connections to London ?

It seems that SVG has a real problem at the moment - the lack of developers who know anything compared to the amount of positions, especially if combined with another tech. For example, there’s a mobile phone company in West London wanting an SVG Developer to work on a mobile TV contract involving java and SVG, it’s on Jobserve, although they’re also hitting up people directly. There are quite a lot of good SVG people about, but all the ones I know, which is a fair few, are busy on other projects. It’s a shame that a shortage of developers can knock a good technical solution - it’s the same reason why so many houses are microsoft houses or similar, simply because you know you can find a replacement.

SVG would be a little scary technology for me to pin a project too right now - will there really be the developers around, come on people, come learn - also if you’re looking for SVG work, or even are just a great JS DOM knower and are looking - why not drop me a mail.