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BBC Spam

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

I got some BBC spam today, well actually not BBC spam, but Mentorn TV spam who are producing a TV show for the BBC, the spam is looking for people to appear on the show - it sounds like one of those crappy BBC 3 things.

The BBC say

Don’t reply, ever!
Never buy anything from a spammer. Don’t make spamming worth the effort - plus you’ll get even more spam once they know you’re willing to buy.

So I expect the BBC will be rather disappointed in the number of particpants the show gets, and will presumably be ceasing all business with Mentorn TV, which would actually be a great shame as it produces a lot of quality shows, but really that just makes it worse that they’ve descended into sending spam.

htmlnaut - foafnaut in html

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

foafnaut is the SVG viewer of foaf data, unfortunately the current data doesn’t get updated as I’m trying to convince other scutter people to provide the data. I’ve just put together an HTML version, this does much the same as the SVG version, but not as impressively, there’s no sproings linking the blubs for a start. (A blub is the thing that represents a person, a sproing the line between them.)

In Internet Explorer using VML, or in Deer Park using SVG, there are sproings, the lines are drawn in. This shows very well how well mixed namespace documents can work, html is good at marking up the information panel, but atrocious at drawing the lines - especially ones that are animated. Hopefully soon Opera and Safari will get scripted SVG - Opera still has static - so I’m not going to attempt an alternative with lines for them, just wait until the UA’s catch up with the script.

The SVG version is still much richer, there’s some automatic layout to keep blubs away from each other, the dragging is more reliable, the graphics much better, but for a simple taster the htmlnaut isn’t too bad.

Annoying the Opera Gods

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

I seem to have annoyed the Opera Gods, as Opera 8.5 has introduced a bug which when rendering this blog appears to push the CPU to 100% and make all the links inaccessible, I can’t seem to isolate the cause, at first because it didn’t happen on my localhost I thought it might be the 0 byte favicon.ico I have (I really do not like browsers auto-requesting favicon.ico, it’s my URI I chose what it means not you!) but that’s not it, it just seems to only happen remote. An archived version of the page can be found at /2005/10/opera-bug.html.

I couldn’t seem to isolate any other stuff, so I’ve not been able to author a workaround, if anyone can see one let me know, as I’d quite like Opera people able to follow links, if not we’ve just got to wait until Opera fix bug 182028.