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Image Description

Sunday, August 31st, 2003

I did a quick write up of a new Image Description RDF vocab, all very much a first draft, hopefully someone can come along and fix it.


Saturday, August 30th, 2003

Peter Schonefeld has updated his SVG Fun site at, which has some great tutorials and examples of SVG. Peter is one of those incredibly annoying people with both technical and visual skills, who can create great looking sites that get the techniques across too.

Michel Pilat, has also created a good SVG tutorial - all in SVG which is a shame, as SVG viewers aren’t that great at navigation etc. - but it certainly shows what is possible with SVG, just need the UA’s to catch up in this area. If you’re needing any help understanding the principle elements of SVG, I definately recommend it, there’s code everywhere, and loads of examples.

Opera and Mozilla aren’t the same anyway!

Thursday, August 28th, 2003

Actually it turns out Hyatt was wrong, Opera and Mozilla don’t fix up the tag soup in the same way, so there’s even less reason for Safari to go immitating their tag-soup correcting behaviour, Mozilla executes the script in a <script src=”chicken.js”> whereas Opera discards it - Opera makes a lot more sense.

Standards, who gives a toss?

Thursday, August 28th, 2003

Safari developers prefer broken mozilla compatibility to following the standard. Hyatt’s blog has a strange annoucement, that he’s having Safari fix-up <script /> to mean a properly closed script element in HTML, now because a UA should make best efforts to render documents that are crap, I can’t complain too much about the principle. We’re stuck with a big legacy from NN4 and IE’s brokenness. Yet IE and NN4 treat the standard correctly here, so there shouldn’t be any big legacy problems, the bug could easily be fixed in Mozilla and Opera. Hyatt says that “since Web sites are (amazingly) writing to it.” we’re stuck with it, rubbish, the pages must be tiny in number, fail to work in the majority of well behaved user agents (including normally bad behaved ones like IE).

To me it suggests that Safari is creating a browser for the wrong audience, caring more about addressing Mozilla compatibility for us geeks, than creating a useful User Agent that closely follows standards.

SVG and stuff.

Monday, August 25th, 2003

I was reading Hugh’s ramblings and he mentions that MS need to get on board with SVG, with him being baffled by the continued use of VML. Fortunately I think they’re not pursuing that so much any more - Visio now supports SVG having dropped many other formats, so I think the future looks bright.

Hugh also tipped me off about MaxF’s SVG Textorizer which has a picture of danbri converted to funky SVG. It’s annoying to learn that despite spending way too long on an IRC channel with these guys, I never knew of it… It makes me wonder what other fun stuff they’re doing which I’ve not heard about.

Also on the subject of SVG, I cleaned up the SVG IRC Logs front page, so now you (and google) can get at the logs.

How to complain about Junk Mail.

Sunday, August 24th, 2003

Probably not a successful complaint against junk mail as it’s just on sitting on the blog of a guy who writes about cocks for money, but hey it’s entertaining.

It’s alive! Scuttering again…

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

I made a couple of changes to my scutter, that basically broke under the weight of foaf. I got rid of the 2 table provenance system that let me remove duplicate triples from the main store, this dramatically slowed queries (the store is more than double the size if you don’t remove duplicates). It made it at least work for scuttering, but is too slow to be used for live querying now. A shame, but it was never meant to be robust, or scalable, just a boot-strap to get foafnaut running.

One good thing I added was smushing based on schema reading, so it reads the FOAF schema queries which are owl:inverseFunctionalProperties and smushes on these - it would smush on any others in any vocab it found, but it didn’t find any.

I also created a list of foaf docs in error and a list of foaf wild properties that aren’t really in the schema. Hopefully people will start to fix both, maybe we should have a Clean your FOAF day…

The small small place.

Friday, August 22nd, 2003

You often see stats saying how many millions of people are online, when those of those of us in the know, know that in reality there’s only a few hundred, (#crickettalk reckoned 303, but 1 was a fridge)

A few weeks back I was looking for some Fire Poi’s for a friend of mine on, one of the sites I looked at a lot was Then a couple of days ago whilst looking what was being said about FOAF I came across a request for a FOAF script from Adam Rice and did a quick and dirty hack for him.

Two unrelated things you might think, but no, because there’s only 300 of us doing this stuff, Adam has to also run the Fire Gear site, still he seems to know what he’s doing so it’s probably ok. Now I have to decide if I should try and make some Poi’s with Adam’s instructions, buy some, or just leave J. to only have her fire clubs.

Front Page redesign

Thursday, August 21st, 2003

I redesigned my front page, now I have to decide if I trust my CSS abilities and legacy content to change my core stylesheet to match the front page look, or to only do it on new pages, or carefully updated ones. Also, as I did no testing it probably won’t work too well, but it does validate, I could put a logo on, but I won’t - Here’s a sexier SVG valid 4.01 badge, so you can pretend if you like.

Interesting SVG (and dhtml) things…

Saturday, August 16th, 2003

Cool demo of SVG’s capabilities, SVG drawing in a WIKI, Excellent Crossword in SVG. Not SVG, but a great time waster - Lemmings