Why should you care whether European tax payers get free access to the geographic data collected with their own money?

If you do, then you use [WWW] geospatial information: the wealth of geographic information that makes all these things possible and meaningful, that is often collected by tax-funded national mapping agencies.

If the INSPIRE directive is adpoted, these agencies will be encouraged to copyright all that publically funded information, making it more difficult and expensive for people to participate in these civic activities.

You can stop this happening in easy steps, and keep our geodata public!

  1. [WWW] Sign the Petition

  2. [WWW] Lobby your Member of European Parliament to oppose the adoption of INSPIRE.

  3. [WWW] Find out more about INSPIRE, and [WWW] help develop this campaign platform.

  4. [WWW] Tell other people about INSPIRE, and about how they can help oppose it.