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To search for a list of classes with up-to-the-minute information about available seating, cancellations, room assignments, instructors and more, just answer the questions below and then select the 'Search' button. After a few moments, the results of your search will be displayed.

If you don't enter any information, your search will retrieve Monday through Saturday classes with open seats for the term and year shown.

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  3. Subject: Use the subject codes from the Course Catalog to search for classes in a particular subject. For example, to view just Computer Science classes, enter CS. To see classes in all subjects, leave this item blank. For a quick reference, here's a list of subjects and their codes.

  4. Course Number: If you are looking for information about one specific course, then enter the course number here. If you are looking for more than one course, use the % sign as a wildcard. For example, if you enter 3%, then all 300-level courses that also meet your other criteria will be listed. If you don't care about the course number, then leave this item blank.

  5. Units: Are you looking for classes with a specified number of units? Then enter that information here. For example, to see only 4-unit classes, enter a 4. Leave this item blank if the number of units does not matter. Do not enter a 0 in this field unless you are looking for classes with 0 units.

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    By default, courses with no assigned days are included in the results (TBA=To Be Assigned). If you want to exclude TBA courses, check this box.

  7. Starting Time: Enter the earliest starting time for your classes. If a class begins before your selected starting time, it will not be listed.

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  9. Instructor Name: Enter an instructor's last name to search for classes taught by that instructor. Be careful, though - you must enter the name exactly as it is spelled in the Class Schedule. To find the classes taught by all instructors whose last names begin with Sta, enter Sta%. This will find all instructors with last names like Stack, Staff, Stanley, etc.
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